The Kimono Gallery

Select vintage and antique Kimonos

"We have been collecting and dealing vintage and antique world ethnographic textiles for almost forty years, and have a sister website to The Kimono Gallery at Yorke Antique Textiles which deals with Japanese, Indonesian, Central Asian, Chinese and European textiles.

In 2003, we became more interested in focusing in on Japanese textiles, especially kimonos. With most of the world's best ethnographic artworks already heavily collected during the 20th century, it was astonishing to discover that in the 21st century one of the worlds most iconic ethnographic arts - the kimono - would be so little understood and collected. Certainly the vast amount of extant kimonos - in the millions - smoke-screened the fact that among the multitude were a elatively small amount of kimono gems. Surely too many would-be collectors could not imagine that such a sophisticated, wealthy, and modern society as Japan's could create textile artworks during the early 20th century that compete with the best ethnographic gems found in the more rural societies of Indonesia, Africa, and central Asia. We have viewed roughly a million kimonos -- those kimonos found in price levels three and four in this gallery are the gems of that extensive search. Our clients include museums, interior decorators, collectors as well as kimono enthusiasts in general. We hope that you find something on the website that you will wish to collect and treasure."

Roger & Amparo Yorke